Beauty for men- not for me?

"Nah. Beauty products are not for me" is a comment we heard many times during the time we developed EDO. But, is that really how it is? After all, beauty includes choosing clothes you think you look good in, fixing your hair, shaving, putting on deodorant and/or perfume. What or who determines where the limit is?

We think taking care of yourself is worth a moment every day. A routine, even a short one, every morning and/or evening does wonders for well-being and self-esteem. Start each day with a large glass of cold water. Staying hydrated during the day is a prerequisite for your skin to feel good.

The point of our products is that you should be able to easily be your best every day. We have done the work for you by developing easy-to-use products that really make a difference - so all you have to do is use them and you will notice a big difference. Our goal is that a full morning routine that makes you feel ready to face the day's challenges in the best way should not take more than 15 minutes. And it is time well invested!

Let´s start with the morning shower. If you feel oily in the skin, we recommend you use our Face Scrub, or Face Wash. Both products clean deeply and refresh the skin while maintaining the balance of your skin. Dry your face and spray it with our Toner & After shave. You will immediately feel how the skin tightens and you get a protective barrier.

If you have any rashes, pimples or a dark circles under your eyes, use the Concealer Pen. A quick stroke with the pencil and even out with your fingers and you suddenly have an even and beautiful complexion.

Any light hairs in the eyebrows or beard? Easily solved with our Eye Brow & Beard Pen! Your eyes may also need a little extra care. To reduce fine lines around the eye and remove dark circles, just take a drop of Eye Serum on your index finger - dab along the eye bone from the inside out.

With a final touch of Face Cream over your face, you have protection for the whole day and are ready for anything you may encounter, knowing that you have taken care of yourself in a natural and sustainable way in 10 minutes.

Easy and quick, right?


Daily Routine

EDO Face Scrub
EDO Face Scrub
EDO Toner & After Shave
EDO Toner & After Shave
EDO Face Cream Normal Skin
EDO Face Cream Normal Skin
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