Danny Saucedo
As an artist, you get used to wearing makeup for TV shows, performances and interviews. I noticed early on that with fairly simple means I could both look and feel more energetic and fresher using products, even though I never felt that the products were made for me. This is what got me thinking about good skincare and makeup for men. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel like their very best self - every day.

Many men are very conscious and want to take care of themselves and look good. Today's definition of masculinity has been at the center when we have worked on this project and our goal is to break old barriers and taboos around beauty, care and cosmetics. With EDO, we want to offer a range of high-class, sustainably produced products that can make men feel stylish and fresh every day.

Sustainability is the core of everything we do. We have spent a lot of time finding Swedish, organic ingredients, sustainable packaging solutions and climate-compensated transport. I want it to be genuine, produced with consideration for both people and the environment.

Below you can see my favorite products, what I am most proud of right now:

Danny Saucedo´s favorites

EDO Face Oil
EDO Face Oil
EDO Bronzing Cream
EDO Bronzing Cream
EDO Face Scrub
EDO Face Scrub
EDO Body Lotion
EDO Body Lotion
EDO Shower Oil
EDO Shower Oil
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