We have the perfect gifts for yourself, the dad, the boyfriend and the brother. In winter it is especially important to take care of your skin and we have put together smart kits - all of which are easy to use. The products come in attractive packaging - which are also sustainably produced - with consideration for both people and nature. ❤️ Click here to go directly to our packages!

New Face Routine The complete kit for the face. Cleanses, refreshes, moisturizes and cares. Everything you need for a completely "new" face.

Great Hair Day Duo - nobody likes a bad hair day, with this kit such boring days are long gone. Caring easy-to-use products that give perfect hair every day.

Awesome Body Duo Dry and chapped skin is never fun. The dry winter air with rapid changes from warm indoor air to cold northerly winds outside the door puts stress on the skin. A moisturizing shower oil and body lotion is a good basis for fresh winter skin.

Must- Have Duo The holy grail of facial care is cleansing. Without a proper cleansing – no fresh skin. Add your choice of Face Cream for proper protection and mosturizing and you will feel like a new man.

Fresh & Clean Routine - For those who like cleanliness that takes care of you instead of drying you out. With cleanser for hair, face and body in the same kit, you can be sure that you start the day with super effective and caring products from the tips of the hair to the feet!

Gorgeous Routine - The grey-pale winter skin may need an extra little boost. Bronzing cream gives the skin a natural tan shade. Together with the concealer and the pencil that can be used to fill in both eyebrows and beard, the face gets a fresh winter look.

Bear Duo For our bearded friends! Both our caring Beard Oil that will give your face hair nutrition and glow, as well as soothing and nourishing the skin behind the beard. Also included is our Eye Brow & Beard Pen that you can use to define the color of your beard and fill out irregularities for an even look.

Everyday Routine The starter kit! A Face Wash to start off with, a Face Cream of your choice and a Deodorant. The basic Everyday Routine.

Savior Routine – Problems with acne or oily skin? Don´t worry- use our amazing Face Scrub for a deep but gentle cleanse and use your choice of Face Oil or Face Cream afterwards to balance the skin. You´ll see the difference it makes very soon!

New routines are just a few clicks away, the hard part is just choosing which kit fits best! But we are sure that whichever you choose, you will be satisfied. 

Take care of yourself!
Danny and Johan

EDO Awesome Body Duo
EDO Awesome Body Duo
EDO Gorgeous Routine
EDO Gorgeous Routine
EDO Great Hair Day Duo
EDO Great Hair Day Duo
EDO New Face Routine
EDO New Face Routine
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