EDO Essential Routine

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EDO Essential Routine includes essential products for an easy and effective morning and evening routine. The routine consists of EDO's:
- Face Wash
- Eye Serum
- Face Oil

Our face wash contains activated charcoal and deep cleanses without drying out the skin. EDO Eye Serum is filled with peptides and hyaluronic acid that add moisture and reduce dark circles and puffiness beneath the eyes. EDO Face Oil is the final step in the Essential Routine and the winner of Men's Product of the Year 2023. Our face oil moisturizes, protects against premature aging and blue light, and adds radiance to the skin. It is filled with 100% natural ingredients and can be applied both morning and evening.

EDO Essential Routine is a starter kit with the most essential products for those who want to lift their look and care for their skin in three easy steps.
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